Greta Macchi is an Italian Fashion Stylist, currently based in Madrid.

Styling characterized by genderfluidity, oversized shapes inspired by the past.

Her digital work as content creator and video maker is a storytelling made by purest frames.

Last year Greta found rew.secondhand, a digital second-hand platform where she research, select and photograph each product. She also manage the social media and the communication of the brand.

Greta defines herself as a multipurpose profile, she loves taking charge from styling to communication, from photography to video editing. Every time starting the process from a new point of view.

She worked with: Harper’s Bazaar España, Telva, Yo Dona, Elle España,, Forbes, L’Officiel Baltics, Neo2, Flanelle, Pap, Kalblut, Iconic Artist, Cake, Vein, Sicky, Numeró Netherlands, Maksu, Serrano 47, El Corte Inglés, Adidas, Josefina, Bulgari, Laia Alen, Santa Living, Ropachica, Kinder, Estee Lauder.

+34 678975738

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